The Day After: Pieve Cesato

What can we say? We got KO by a wave of kindness and priceless hospitality we won’t forget. A big THANK YOU to all the staff, especially Manuel.. some of his phrases: “I’m sorry, can I offer you some beer?” “Sorry again, I was wondering if I could offer you something to eat..” 10 stars rating on a scale from 1 to 5.

We also thank Paolo and his staff for the sounds on stage, and Domenico for filming.

A big hug to L’asino e il fiore, the band before us. Talented guys, really!

Now here comes the best…

A big big BOW to Lascimmiaselvaggia, Tore Fais and Luca Selvatici, for giving us this opportunity. Particularly, we strongly hug ugly bearded Tore and his sweetheart Veronica (holy woman…) who hosted us in their rooms (and we really are dirty guys who also snores..)

We come back to our Sardinia, thinking to all the beautiful people, food and beer we’re leaving on this wonderful place.

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